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  1. Thanks for the Shout out Robert.

    1. You’re welcome.

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  3. Hello SQLSoldier,

    I really like your blog and the great information on disaster recovery.
    Since I starting working as a SQL DBA (over 10 years) I have noticed that most poeple aren’t actually ready for a disaster, be it a SQL Server or the entire site.

    I have created a script that will document the entire SQL server so that you have all the information you need. You can view it at my blog ( and I would like to get your feed back on it. Do you see anything information that is missing? My hope is that this report will have all the needed information for a complete rebuild.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for your time and for all the great information you have here.


    1. Hi Rudy. Very nice script. A couple of thoughts come to mind right away. Log shipping info and replication.

      You don’t need to enable Show Advanced Features to query all settings in sys.configurations (which is one of the reasons I prefer sys.configurations over sp_configure).

      Are you creating SQL logins with the same password and SID? if not, see my post here:

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