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    Error state 6 is sometimes associated with sparse file errors for the internal snapshot used by dbcc checkdb.

    1. Lots of things have an error state of 6. What you are taking about is a completely different error. Them having the same state is coincidental only, No reason to think that and this is related.

    2. Yeah… reading comprehension issue on my part 🙂 Rereading and separating from the sparse table errors I’m seeing at a site makes things a little more clear 🙂 Fradensql saw similar a few months ago… 10 minute timeout from client.

  2. SSMS (Microsoft SQL Server Managment Studio)
    Right Click Instance node in Object Explorer.
    Click Properties
    Click Connections
    Bottom left: Allow remote connections to this server is CHECKED.
    Remote query timeout (in seconds, 0 = no timeout)
    Value is set to 600 (10 minutes)

    Check this value on the SQL Server and see if it is set to ( 30 )

    1. Hi Marc. That setting does not apply here. The remote query timeout setting is for connections that the SQL Server instance initiates to an external source. It does not affect queries coming in to the SQL Server instance.

      The query timeout in this case is set at the client via whatever protocol the client application is using. SQL Server will not timeout a query coming in to it. It is the client connection that times out.

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