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  1. […] topic of this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, hosted by Robert Davis (@sqlsoldier). Go and have a look at his post to see what other people have written about on this […]

  2. Thank you for hosting this month, Robert! My post can be found here:

  3. Thank you for hosting, Robert! I can’t wait to read all the responses. Here are my thoughts:

  4. […] TSQL Tuesday again !!  Props to host SQLSoldier for the topic, […]

  5. […] Before I start rambling off, a note of thanks to my friend Robert Davis [B|T] for hosting this month’s T-SQL Tuesday! […]

  6. Mr. Soldier, here is my entry for TSQL2SDay no 49. Wait For It – Waits & Queues Thanks again for the great topic!!

  7. Thanks for hosting! I’m late to the party but here we go:

    Killing Sessions with External Waits

  8. […] email. I answered as usual, and only later realized that the topic was a reasonably good match for this month’s TSQL Tuesday topic. I thought I might share the question, and the answer, with a larger audience this […]

  9. Thanks for hosting Robert! Can’t wait to read the posts for this month. Here’s my contribution:

  10. […] post is for T-SQL Tuesday #49, the monthly blog party of the […]

  11. […] T-SQL Tuesday #49: My Go-To Query For Waiting Tasks (roundup) […]

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