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  1. […] the spirit of Robert Davis's (blog | @SQLSoldier) blog post: Undocumented Gotchas of Transactional Replication, I decided to contribute an undocumented gotcha in Merge Replication to his list.  First, let me […]

  2. Hi Robert,

    I’m liking the list so far.

    I thought of one particular gotcha with Merge Replication that came to mind and wrote a blog post about it here:

    1. Thanks Brandon! Page updated. Looks like you have some great info on replication on your blog. Going to have to read through it.

  3. I’ve done the same 🙂 my blog is kind of all about technology (and other things), but I just wrote an article (that I think is incredibly useful) teaching people how to deal with SQL replication conflicts (which is actually how I found your blog!).

    Here’s me:

    1. Thanks Lewis! There aren’t a lot of replication bloggers, and it’s always good to learn about others.

  4. If you’re able to alert on the result of SQL queries, these can help to monitor replication states:

    /****** SQL Replication Minutes behind ******/
    datediff(minute, min(entry_time), getdate())
    distribution.dbo.msrepl_transactions (nolock)

    /******SQL Replication Number of unreplicated commands ******/
    distribution.dbo.msrepl_transactions (nolock)

    1. Thanks for providing some sample monitoring queries, Gareth!

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